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Authorized, intimate, and definitive, Ben Hogan: An American Life is the long-awaited biography of one of golfs greatest most enigmatic legends, narrated with the unique eloquence that has made author James Dodson a critically acclaimed national bestseller. For the first time, Dodson explains the inner workings of Hogans life, and the guarded man few people knew.


"It doesnt surprise me in the least that this new book on the life of Ben Hogan is so interesting, all-encompassing, and well-balanced. I have been impressed with the talent of Jim Dodson, the author of this compelling book, since he worked with me when I did my autobiography a few years ago. I thought I knew Ben Hogan pretty well, until this book came along with some previously untold revelations"

- Arnold Palmer U.S. Open and British Open Champion

"At last we meet the real man behind the Ice Mon. Granted unprecedented access to Hogans personal documents and closest friends and relatives, Jim Dodson has produced an extraordinarily intimate and revealing portrait of golfs most enigmatic star. Not another word need be written about Ben Hogan this book tells the whole story." - - - George Peper, former Editor-in-Chief, Golf Magazine

"A thrilling psycobiography."

- Sports Illustrated

"Dodson's prose is as smooth as Hogan's swing, and his attention to detail will impress even th most persnickety golf fan. Reading Ben Hogan is tantamount to being out on the course without having to replace your divots."

- Washington Post

"The first Hogan biography to do justice to an enigmatic and complex sports hero, and as sich, it becomes the instant standard."

- Booklist (starred review)

"Impossible to imagine it coul be equalled, let alone bettered."

- The London Times

"Clearly based on relentless research, but this does not weigh it down...the writing is so silky it draws you on. There is real page-turning power."

- The Daily Telegraph

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