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James Dodson’s Dewsweepers tells the story of an eclectic, eccentric group of men who call themselves the Dewsweepers – so named because they are the first players off the tee every weekend morning at the old club in upstate New York where they all play.

Adopted by the Dewsweepers, Dodson sets out through the course of the seasons of one all-too-brief golf year to try to get back in touch with the simpler joys and uncomplicated leisures that once upon a tie had made him fall madly in love with the ancient game. As friendship deepens, and each man’s tale unfolds movingly and sometimes hilariously, James Dodson’s own life is ultimately tested – examined – ad changed for the better.

Through laughter and tears, he reveals intimate details, and finds that each Dewsweeper, including and perhaps especially the author himself needs golf and friendship at the core of his life.


"The Dewsweepers captures what is special about golfing friendships better than anything I've ever read, and I've read my share of golf books."

- John Gates, Winston-Salem Journal

"It may be Dodson's best book yet."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Dodson uses a master's skill to tell us alot about golf and even more about ourselves. The Dewsweepers is an experience to treasure."

- Maine Sunday Telegram

"Written with warmth and an obvious deep love of the game."

- Golf Monthly

"A rarity: a golf book that is also a travel book. If you love golf you will enjoy these tales of men traveling the world to indulge a losing battle with their swig and the elements."

- Code Nast Traveler

"I heartily commend James Dodsons true portrait of golfers bonding."

- Daily Mail

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